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About Deviant Sway 

















What we do...

We create inspiring and empowering tees, tanks, and gear with an occasional dose of sarcasm.

We believe in the power of dreams, awakening that passion, and pushing yourself to succeed. No matter the odds or circumstances, you can achieve greatness and defy misconceived perceptions through persistence and self-motivation. 


What is Deviant Sway?...

Established in 2016, Deviant Sway is thinking outside of the box, embracing your uniqueness, and building inner strength. Deviant refers to being a nonconformist, being uncommon, and being exceptional. Sway is to take authority and carry power and influence.

Our logo represents strength and rebirth. The Phoenix has always been a symbol of rising from the ashes, declaring a sense of victory.


Why we do it...

The concept of Deviant Sway came at a time of personal crossroads for me. I knew I wanted to do something to inspire and motivate others, maybe even push people into a realm of empowerment while also pushing myself. T-shirts are one of the greatest ways to express yourself. You don't have to say a word because they speak for themselves. I thought why not use that as a way to tell my story and yours.


Who we are...

We are comprised of a team of creative, motivated, and a bit off-the-wall individuals who just have a passion for being the best in everything we do and pushing others to do the same.



Challenge Every Perception


Sharonda Brim - Deviant Sway

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